A story telling website documenting the authors’ personal stories about living in Berlin. 



The client

Two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the author and her husband moved to Berlin from Malaysia and lived there for about four years. 

The goal

The goal of this website was to allow readers to interactively traverse through the authors’ stories using a number of methods. The stories section on the homepage should display different sets of posts for each refresh, ensuring users will be approached with different stories on each visit. We ensured the CMS built would enable our client to add new stories and pictures to the website with ease. 

Stories Page

Locate Page

Each story has it’s own geolocation coordinates attached respectively. This allows users to navigate and explore the stories of Berlin through locations. 

Picture Page

The story page allows users to traverse stories through images. Each image has it’s own blog post attached to it. 

Blog Post Template

Each blog post is accompanied by a German title and the ability to have map coordinates which will be pinned onto the “Locate” page. 

Blog Post Template (Gallery)

We developed a custom widget in WordPress which allows our client to post gallery based stories. 

Search Page

Uncover Page

About Page