Durian Fanatics

Made for Durian Fanatics, By Durian Fanatics



The client

Durian Fanatics started their website during the year 2020. It’s essentially a community area for durian lovers to gather.

The goal

The goal for this project was to set up a Durian eCommerce and online blog, which aims to share some creative writing for the encouragement of durian lovers to gather as a community. The website also has a membership system which gives durian fanatic members access to exclusive offers, news & blogs. To top it off, there is also a point loyalty system which encourages growth of the durian fanatic community. 


As requested, we added placeholders which will be replaced by the Durian Fanatics team once ready. We provided training for the CMS system developed, which clearly articulates the functionalities of how to add, edit and manage content on the website. 



The membership for this website is given to those who have made at least one purchase from their store.

Shop Page

Check out page

The point system grants returning customers a discount based on their amount of points.