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Learn more about the process & technology we’ll use to help create your website, and some of the most frequently asked questions we receive!

Our Process

  • Information & Strategy
  • Sitemap & Wireframing
  • Design & Develop
  • Test & Launch
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Information & Strategy

The initial stage requires gathering of necessary information for the project. Your requirements, website purpose, goals, targets and preferred demographic will be carefully analyzed and researched, as this will determine the best design style that delivers information to the ideal audience.

Content writing will also be discussed during this stage, which involves the creation of catching headlines, text editing, and effective copywriting which attract leads and foster brand awareness, ultimately pushing prospects down the sales funnel.

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Sitemap & Wireframing

After neccesary information has been gathered from phase one, the website sitemap will be developed. The sitemap essentially works as a blueprint for your website, listing the navigation topics and subtopics. This helps clarify the navigational structure and further evaluate how content can be effectively presented to visitors. Ideally, simplistic navigation which efficiently delivers all neccesary information serves as the benchmark for excellent user interface.

We will then carry out wireframing which interconnects content and design while defining website features. Wireframe sketches provide clear overview of page structure, information architecture, userflow, functionality, intended behaviors and layout.

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Design & Develop

Visual elements will be tastefully selected and applied to strengthen brand identity on the website, effectively communicating with the audience through the designed user interface (UI) to deliver the best user experience (UX). The collaborative synergy between UI and UX efficiently serves up information for the user's needs, whilst feeling seamless and intuitive. You will be heavily involved and informed throughout this stage, ensuring the website design matches your vision, needs and taste. Collaborative tools via content sharing tools such as Figma will be used as the medium for communication of designs.

After the design is ready, we will carry out the development process which converts design concepts to the actual website. During this stage, all elements and features will be implemented and made functional. The domain will be kept in development mode with a password, which allows you to see changes applied during each milestone, such that any necessary corrections can be made.

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Testing & Deployment

Before deployment, every page will be tested to ensure functionalities and features are working as intended. We will also ensure the website displays correctly across different browsers (Google, Firefox, Opera, etc.), devices (Desktop, Mobiles, Tablets) and screen sizes.

Once approval has been given, the website will be open for public access. Other final details such as providing training for the Content Management System (CMS) will be provided during this stage. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and website optimization activities will also be conducted, ensuring your website is visible and easily discoverable on search engines.


Our Tools

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Frequently Asked Questions

An average of 2 weeks for a 5 pager. The timeline may vary depending on distinct variables such as development goals, design and feature complexity, number of pages, etc. 

Typically, the base price for a one pager costs RM800, RM1500 for a 5 pager, and RM2500 for eCommerce and Catalogue sites. Though, development costs may vary depending on project goals and requirements, especially when higher complexity is involved. In the scenario where additional costs are involved, we are committed to transparency and will always be clear on any labor fee beforehand.  Contact us today to get your free quote!

Absolutely. All websites we develop will be accessible via a Content Management System(CMS) which is user friendly. Within the CMS, You will be able to easily edit/add texts, images and other content yourself.

No. The domain(.com) and hosting is included for the first year. We will pass your hosting credentials upon project delivery. Typical cost for .com domains is RM50, .com.my is RM80, and RM120 for .my. Hosting fee costs around RM253-400 depending on bandwidth, CPU and memory requirements. 

However, if you have an existing domain and host, we will also be able to carry on from there. 

We offer maintenance services for RM300/Annum which includes security checks, quarterly updates, server backup and service restoration. This also includes 3 website content updates. 

We will require you to at least have a rough idea of the project goals and objectives, preferred design styles, and number of pages. 

It is possible using tools such as Wix. Though, the website features and designs will be limited by standard templates and free tools provided by the platform. Premium packages will then be required to be purchased for satisfying results.

As you go along, the costs of these premium packages and the inexpensive recurring fee for having a custom domain on some of these platforms may sometimes compound up to cost more than engaging a professional!

It would also be tedious and time consuming to pick up the required technical knowledge and skills.